Sunday, June 08, 2014

Baby Shower Cakes And Cupcakes

So basically, been up to making sweets and really giving me such happiness from within. Two of my cousins have their baby shower parties and I was the one designated to make their sweet stuff. I admit, thinking of what design to mold and what flavour to use, make me go crazy. Of course, I had to make the best ones for my love ones. And fortunately, came up with these. 

On the top left which was obviously for a baby girl was a very rich and mosturize chocolate mousse cake. I finished it with a vanilla buttercream icing and designed with the help of the fondant. The filling inside the cake was as the same as the vanilla buttercream that was coated at the top.The design is just a baby girl's face but highlighted with a very big bow, most popular for the baby girls to be on their head, as playing up with some styling and fashion. Isn't she lovely?

The right corner was made for a baby boy (which obviously blue in color) with a very indulging chocolate cake. I had to batter the inside with a vanilla buttercream icing because as to cover the top would be my colored fondant. This was a distinct design that I made like hot mommas out there who would deliver their baby boys in no time would dress up like this. The boobies and the bump made it hard for me to mold as I don't have the shaping pans their size. But then the effort would have the outcome of the greater even look. Viola! The fondant dress, just fit in right!
My cupcakes are also the most favorite. I have to come up with different designs but at the same time. very tasty and sweet. For the a boy's muffin, it had to be a vanilla with sprinkles inside and topped with my very own version of cream cheese filling. 
These cupcakes for the baby girl made me put a little more effort. I had to make chocolate marble muffins topped with again, cream cheese filling. It wouldn't give me a nice color to fit in a baby girl's if I used mocha icing, since I wanted to make them ombre pinkish color. And yes, had to mold yellow bows for the top and some ABC blocks in the middle. 

The only thing you really have to remember when using cream cheese filling as for the icing is that they easily melt and are hard to batter up on the muffins. As for my technique when I am done mixing them all together, I will just have to put them inside the shaping batters, and sneak inside the fridge for few minutes and then make the designs on the top of the muffins. You will have to do this as fast as you could. 

I hope this made your day guys!

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Helen G said...

these are so cute!

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Kristin Lapaz said...

Hi Helen! thank you so much for your lovely comment! I will definitely read your blog!

thanks alot!