Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cliche | Back To Bangs

Decided to bring back my fringe since it's summer. It's just that there are times that you really have to play with your crowning glory. Constant change on yourself means that you ought to know what to value and what to not. We always have to take care of ourselves. Be it physically, emotionally. mentally, psychologically and more. 

So, what do you think lovies? 
Have a nice day!

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beyonce Knows

Yay! So yeah! I got a souvenir shirt from J+B Concert and chose the simplest one. Most of you knew  that I have a big heart on everything white. Lucky me, there's this kind of shirt, appealed to my taste. I a just so happy to share with you guys how overwhelmed I was watching Queen Bey's Concert. So I tried wearing it with a pair jean shorts and of course accessorized with my favourite camouflage turban (been wearing this turban nowadays, because I just love it : worn here and worn here ). A gold watch and a pair of espadrilles are perfect for this simple shirt to flaunt with. And since it is summer, so why not wear the lightest you ever got in your closet? Agree?

This for now my loves. Hope you get a good read today :)
Have a nice day!

What I Wore | Tshirt : J+B Concert Souvenir | Jean Shorts : Mossimo from Target Canada 

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J+B | On The Run Tour Concert | Toronto

And yes! My heart is pounding like that. My soul was energized and my blood pumped that strong till my nerves were all dilated. Who wouldn't? I mean, it's like hitting two birds with one stone. An all-in-one package. They were Jay-Z and Queen Bey! Me and my cousin were some of the luckiest to watch their very awesome, energized and amazing show. The sequel was just a breathtaking experience to listen and watch. A very inspiring concert tour that I really enjoyed. Every twists and turns of the said event were a surprise and merely a screaming phenomenon for every time Bey and Jay are coming out. The back- up dancers and singers were even greater than I thought. Of course, The Queen is bound to lose every audience mind and soul as she takes off the stage. Her body is a wonderland and choreography was indeed very hot and sexy. Oooohhh! I just can't explain how hot she was! Jay-Z was a legend of his own. A great performer that you really would want to sway with every beat of his rap songs. I am more than a  decade fan to this two. And I may say, being in their On The Run Concert Tour was such a blessing and  a dream come true.
To share with, here's to some of the photos taken during the concert. Also, uploaded one of the videos I took during the concert with their 'On The Run' Song. They just don't look good together, they astoundingly perform the best together. 
I hope this will brighten up your day guys! Enjoy! 

What I Wore | Jean Dress : Old Navy | Combat Boots : Stepps | Bag Topshop

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Starts Right Here

 Take me back here at Bronte Creek. Been here for almost two years in Canada but I have never tried going here until this Summer of 2014 started. Can't help but fall inlove in this very relaxing place. And that very moment when you stoop down from the car and see this lovely place, you can't help but be amazed. A lot of people are really taking time to unwind and take a break from working. 
My heart jumped once I saw from afar how beautiful this humongous creek is. As I continue walking uphill to downhill, all you can see are the green grasses and tall trees. Picnic chairs and tables are just right for food tripping after swimming in a nice and cold water. The trek is just right for a family adventure. Oh! I just can't explain even more how wonderful it is to be in this place.

Wore my comfiest white tee and khaki shorts. Earthy colors of my outfit just suits Bronte Creek. I paired them with my greenish espadrilles for my simplest yet cozy ensembles. Accessorized wit a camouflage turban to compliment the total look of a simpler outfit. Earthy it is, because it's Summer. The reason that everybody loves this Season. Relaxing and you can wear your most comfiest.

Hope you have a great start of Summer as well loves! 

What I Wore | White Tee : ZARA Basics | Khaki ShortsBluenotes | EspadrillesTOMS Shoes

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

That 2704 Day Out

The day wouldn't be complete without going out and enjoying the sun just like a kid at heart. Been longing to bring my most favorite bag of all times specially to this weather. I just had this huge eye on this limited edition purse i once bought in the UK. Seemingly, comfy and fashionable. These days would have been more fun and relaxing since the heat waves are on! Tried to dress up so simple and adequate for the weather. A very relaxing outfit just so moving freely anywhere you go and whatever you do. 
The park and the sidewalks are just too nice to walk on by and stay for quite awhile since all the grasses are fully grown and the flowers are all blooming. I love every bit of the sunshine that I've been waiting for since winter. 

Have a great time guys!

What I Wore | Vneck Tshirt and Jeans : Forever 21 | SneakersKeds | Purse : Long Champ Le Pliage
Accessories / HeadbandLacoste / Arm Candy : Aldo Accessories and ACo

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

DIY French Tip Nails

Most of us, don't care much of our nails. Not everybody has the time to book an appointment for a nail makeover or sometimes, we don't have the budget for those acrylic nail arts. But we should be very particular with our nails. Be it with or without nail polish, we still have to make them look clean and pleasing. I don't know, but I, myself, are very particular with nails even if I don't wear nail polish, I made sure that my nails are well cut and groomed. 
This post may encourage you on how to do the french tips on your own. You just need some nail polishes that are almost the color of the acrylic french nails or the ones that you can buy at the convenient stores. I chose the classic O.P.I Nail Lacquers which come in Bubble Bath (for the base) and Alpine Snow -Matte (for the tip). I found O.P.I better to use than any others because they don't dry easily and don't make small bubbles of their own after putting them into your nails (but I also use other nail polishes). 
So I put the base first with two coatings (it all depends on you if you wanted a thin or thick layer of the base) and  let it dry for awhile before putting on the white part. For the tip I usually use the a small part of the brush included inside the bottle so I can control the part where I do the tip. Did a thin line for the tip because I usually don't have long circular nails. I always cut them square and short. And it depends on you whether to make it thicker or thinner. 
I hope this helps you guys alot, if you are just like me not having time to pamper herself for nail do's. Besides, DIY's are really my thing. 

photos are taken from a mobile device