Monday, October 06, 2014

Curly Hair, Don't Care | Review : Using Remington Curling Wand

Basically, this is a review for using my Remington Magic Wand Curler for almost over a year now. Being one of my favorites in making my hair fantastic when going out, I just wanted to share with you how I love this curler so much. 
This is how I roll when it comes to curling my hair. Be it big or wavy, small or kinky, I love the way my Magic Wand Curler enhances a natural curly hair look to instantly go with any outfit you wanted to wear for the day. Hair is everybody's crowning glory. And you wouldn't want to dare going out with a "just woke up kinda hair day" 
The Magic Wand Curler is very easy and handy to use. It is a ceramic pearl, so your hair wouldn't burn and get frizzy after. It looks so soft and natural. Probably, you will feel that you are a professional when using this. Plus it easily heats up and curl your hair in no time. So even if you rush going to work or meeting up a friend unplanned, this will do its job quickly and you will really love and enjoy the results. And here's to a more curly look for you dolls!
Would you try?
And I love the drama of this Magic Wand! One of my favorites when it comes to curling my hair and giving it a good wavy look! And of course, I chose, PINK! :)

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Kimono For The Last Days Of That Sunny Weather

Yes, I'm still wearing this Kimono at this time of Fall. Felt like wearing this on the last days of the good sunny weather. A monochromatic look is what I am into, to looking more slim. This Kimono is just perfect for the look that I wanted. Plus, a white top wouldn't feud fashion. The Bib Necklace is what I am crazy going for nowadays. It adds up to make any outfit look more gorgeous and elegant without being over dramatic to a casual look. 
So here's to wearing some of my summer clothes for a sunnier and brighter Fall these past few days.

Kimono and Bib Necklace : | White Top : Joe Fresh | Skinny Trousers : Forever21 | Heels : George | Bag : Smart Set

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall Favourites : 04 | Knee-High Boots

Fall Favourites : 04 | Knee-High Boots

Fall Favourites : 04 | Knee-High Boots by kristinjrn featuring wellington boots

Been eyeing these lovely knee- high boots since Fall has just arrived. The colors, textures and designs were just fabulous for Fall fashion. Plus the benefit of keeping your feet cozy and warm. So here's my wishlist for boots. What would you choose?

The Leathers:

I love this gorgeous equestrian boots as they are perfect for any kind of clothes you would wear. Just a bit of mixing and matching in your closet would be just right for these lovely pairs.




The Wellingtons:

Since rain would come (we might not know) better yet suit your feet with protection and with these wellington pairs, you can't go wrong! I love them high so that when you think of walking and strolling under the drops of the rain wouldn't smudge your feet with dirt, mud and cold rain drops. 




The Furs: 

But of course, boots with the fur is the most common and warmer to wear. Nonetheless, they're design would suit any better with your skinny jeans or leggings or even track suits. 




$81 -

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Favourites : 03 | Biker's Jacket | Perfect For Fall

Fall Favourites : 03 | Biker's Jacket, Perfect For Fall

It is officially Fall this year. The time to bundle up and make ourselves warm. To share with you some of my favorite fall outwears, here are my Top 6 fashionable Biker's Jacket just perfect for this Season!
What would you choose among these? 

Brown jacket

Biker jacket
$57 -

H M motorcycle jacket
$57 -

Moto jacket

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Event | Ricoh Woodbine Mile : America's Best Racing

I swear, when I was invited by the Brand Ambassador Of America's Best Racing, Dan Tordjman, I was jumping with joy ad so excited about the event. Not in my deepest dreams would I ever come for a Horse Racing event. But luckily, I went with the best VIP experience. The feeling of being a first timer was absolutely perfect since Dan and Victoria helped us alot, specially when it comes to betting on horses.
The event was held in Woodbine Racing track in Toronto, and it wasn't far from the place I came from, where they host the internationally recognized Woodbine Mile day. America's Best Racing were basically a group that reinvigorates the sports of horse racing. As a lucky VIP guest, I was able to be handed out some free foods and beverages. As to where a big Beer and Garden area is just best to eat your huge burger and sip a drink while sitting closely to where the horses race.
A $20 betting card and a chance to tour round the track before the game are also some of the privileges as a guest. 
It was a perfect bright and breezy day were people from all over had their best fashion outfit worn (let your head dress out and be it damn huge!). And as to excitement, I bet on two horses that made me won till the end of the day. Hooray! It wasn't bad at all for not knowing how to. I just picked two random horses!
After each game, VIP guests had also a chance to tour around the paddock are. As we were walking through and saw the horses and their trainers, I was really amazed on how they handle them (the horses) well. Not to my extent of the idea in horse racing, they only go for a race once. We also had a chance to look and stay closely as possible at the horses that were walking around the paddock area and take photos of them (better not to use flash when taking photos, this may irritate the horses). 
We were also able to watch the game closely and in that case I really feel like I was one f those elite people doing the gambling (LOL).
Thanks to America's Best Racing because I also had a chance to meet some of Toronto's finest bloggers. One way or another as a VIP guest, you get to sit and chat with them and of course, take snap shots. Another thing is that I brought home with me some memorabilia just from posting your photo to Instagram using the hashtag #Womile and in a minute or two, your photo will be printed out!
A fun day filled with good experiences and meet ups! And here's to enjoy some of the photos taken from the event. Have fun!

For More Information and Inquiries about the event, please visit:

Twitter@ABRLive @ABRVTour

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