Thursday, September 11, 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics Haul

Happy Thursday Loves! How was your week going so far? This is just going to be short. Just wanted to share with you what I got from one of my favorite drugstores. As for me, just got in the drugstore to buy some toiletries and  eyed asusual on the Beauty Area and found these lovely makeups! Been eyeing for eyeshadows that are just great during the day. As I walk around, found the shade that I wanted to just look more natural and easy to apply eyeshadows especially when you don't have the time to put on a makeup for too long. Easy palette eyeshadows came along my way. With some bonus colleagues. Yay! Nevertheless, my time consumed was really worthwhile. These cosmetics were very cheap and really for keeps... 
This is what I love most in every drugstore I used to go in, like I would go straight to the Beauty Section and get excited for everything I see.
Sooner, I will blog a review about them! 

Hope you have a great weekend dolls!

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Liquid Eyeliner & Bronzer | +e.l.f. Cosmetics 
Milkshake Eyeshadow | +essencecosmetics

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Travel Diary | Blue Mountain Village

Summer 2014 has been good to me. Amidst the busy schedule of work, still have the time to go out and explore. I must say, everybody needs to. Up on the alpine part of Ontario, me and my relatives went, not for an overnight experience and ski tour, but for a whole day of fun and adventure. It was a very nice experience since this place have been very popular, not only for skiing during winter, but this was also, Ontario's only 4 Seasons Pedestrian Site. May it also be in Summer, Fall and Spring, Blue Mountain Village has a lot to offer (see here for more details and schedules and events). 
Being a first timer to this pedestrian village is a way too excited to take a lot of photos on each and every side of the place. And of course it would have not been a day tour if we didn't try the Open Gondola Ride, where you can see the whole place while taking you up for a tour. Every bit of the place is like a paradise. Lovely sceneries and attraction will really melt your eyes. 
But not only that, Blue Mountain has a lot to offer you from day till night. For outgoing people, they will really enjoy staying in this lovely village. Hiking, Biking, Swimming, canoeing, shopping. Even during night time, they have activities too for the family. Spa, Cafeterias, Restaurants, name it, this village would offer you the best to spend quality time together with your love ones. Not  a minute you will get bored. 
I love our day tour and wishing to come back here soon for Skiing on Winter Season, I wanted to experience everything here and maybe that time would be a day or two tour.
"And in this place I see the whole world smiling over me."

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kann's Private Shopping Boutique at Toronto

Hi guys! How have you been lately? I am so excited to share with you the beautiful experience me and my friends had at Kann Private Shopping Boutique . Basically, it is one way to warm your heart out when it comes to shopping. This unique boutique offers not only the best dresses, bags, shoes and accessories that showcases luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Coach, ChannelJuicy Couture and many more (even if they are not Canada brands) but gives you a VIP treatment when you decided to go shopping by appointment (only). A different kind of experience for everybody specially when you have no time going to malls. This boutique clearly gives you the privilege to shop in your own time with no hassle just like in retail stores. It is focused more on styling one client at a time and giving you advises on what to wear or not. Also, one of the good things in this boutique is that they offer what they call, The Wish List (you have to apply with some terms and conditions), which you can compensate the payment for the luxury bag (or whatever you wish to have) that you wanted, most specially if not handed here in Canada, within several months instead of paying it one time as a whole. Isn't it super amazing and affordable for all the ladies out there who are really into shopping? The feeling of the VIP treatment definitely gives you confidence not to be ashamed of trying everything in the boutique. Just once you come in, they would also offer you refreshments just to feel at home at the boutique. Of course, it offers you the best payment issues (Personal Payment Account) also suits whatever the client can afford to pay (personal details would be private, of course). A very incredible idea that this has to offer. When you have a special occasion to attend to and thinking of what to wear, just get your email ready and book as early as 4 weeks, so you can get the best outfit ensemble that you wanted, be it branded designs or inspired designs.
They let me try most of their designer inspired outfits. I love everything I see in this boutique plus the convenience on what to wear or not. The owner would help you style in your own comfort and gives you advise on what to accessorize with the outfit. 
I had to bring two of my friends so they would also experience the VIP treatment, by appointment private shopping of Toronto's first Premiere Shopping Boutique. And they loved the very warm welcoming and of course what's in it and what has to offer. 
Kann Private Shopping Boutique has a lot more to offer by simply being a one client focused store. Everybody wants to be a VIP in their own experience and Kann Boutique is one of the best to go to (Ontario, Canada) when it comes to shopping. So what are you waiting for? Book for an appointment now, to experience only the best and have everything you wanted from outfits, to bags, to shoes, to accessories!
Thumbs up for Kann Boutique for the best VIP treatment experience!

For best VIP shopping experience and inquiries, contact at:

Location : 1280 finch Ave West, Suite 416 Toronto, Ontario
Email/ Mobile : 416-320-9778 |
Instagram @ KannBoutique