Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Winter Finds 01

Winter Finds 01

These lovely coats are easy to find just perfect for this season. Fashionable, sophisticated and cozy are my top three adjectives for these blog's pick. from polyvore, I chose my top 6 outwears that weren't too expensive yet trendy.
Which one would you pick? Let me know dolls!
Have a nice day!

Joules cape coat
$110 - johnlewis.com

White coat

White jacket

Shawl collar coat

ONLY black velvet coat
$50 - zalando.co.uk

Monday, December 01, 2014

My Love For This Scarf

I just can't help it! I need to post this scarf, that is one of my favorites now. The story of this scarf is so wonderful that I was able to share with you my dolls. I am just so lucky that someone special gave this to me from Korea. I love the style, the design and the texture. Just right in time for this weather. Paired in with this lovely cardigan I had months ago to look more fabulous. But I do think this will look good in any other apparels you choose to wear. 
So here's to more photos that you can see for yourselves how I really love this scarf.

Let me know if you guys want me to post some styles on how to wear scarf in different ways, jut comment if you would love to! Hope to hear from you ;)

Just a short one. Hope your Cyber Monday turned out amazing to shop all day!
Have a great day dolls!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time To Bundle Up

It's been awhile since I last blogged. And I am sorry that I had to do alot of paper works nowadays. But then working on every bit of it makes me feel accomplished. 
To wrap it up, this is just gong to be a quick one. Sharing with you a MUST BUNDLED UP outfit since Winter is yet to come. I love how I rock my toque in a very cozy way. Very warm and chic to use these days. The scarf and coat helped me cope with the windy breeze outside too. 
So for all us who were experiencing the same coldness every year starting October, make sure to be bundled up and be safe all the time. But then again, more thicker jackets and coats are going to be out soon.

Keep Safe dolls!

Toque : ARITZIA | Infinity Scarf : BOATHOUSE

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween 2014

Trick or Treat! How was you Halloween Party been this year? It has been a rainy night for us here. Poor kids who are trick and treating were all soaked wearing their lovely costumes. But then it has all the fun and excitement getting all those candies and chocolates in each house and every houses. 

Well, what do you think of who I've become for this year's Halloween? Betty La Fea, nerdy kind of look. My outfit made it to that point of  an old-school odd. Made my eyebrows a little thicker from its natural grown. Put moles all over my cheeks to look like her (well, kind of). The funny part of doing this is to put a scotch tape around my eyeglasses to make it look more nerdy. So, what do you think dolls?  Is it a YAY or NAY? Let me know with your comments down below ;)

Hope you had a fun Halloween!!!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Curly Hair, Don't Care | Review : Using Remington Curling Wand

Basically, this is a review for using my Remington Magic Wand Curler for almost over a year now. Being one of my favorites in making my hair fantastic when going out, I just wanted to share with you how I love this curler so much. 
This is how I roll when it comes to curling my hair. Be it big or wavy, small or kinky, I love the way my Magic Wand Curler enhances a natural curly hair look to instantly go with any outfit you wanted to wear for the day. Hair is everybody's crowning glory. And you wouldn't want to dare going out with a "just woke up kinda hair day" 
The Magic Wand Curler is very easy and handy to use. It is a ceramic pearl, so your hair wouldn't burn and get frizzy after. It looks so soft and natural. Probably, you will feel that you are a professional when using this. Plus it easily heats up and curl your hair in no time. So even if you rush going to work or meeting up a friend unplanned, this will do its job quickly and you will really love and enjoy the results. And here's to a more curly look for you dolls!
Would you try?
And I love the drama of this Magic Wand! One of my favorites when it comes to curling my hair and giving it a good wavy look! And of course, I chose, PINK! :)

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Kimono For The Last Days Of That Sunny Weather

Yes, I'm still wearing this Kimono at this time of Fall. Felt like wearing this on the last days of the good sunny weather. A monochromatic look is what I am into, to looking more slim. This Kimono is just perfect for the look that I wanted. Plus, a white top wouldn't feud fashion. The Bib Necklace is what I am crazy going for nowadays. It adds up to make any outfit look more gorgeous and elegant without being over dramatic to a casual look. 
So here's to wearing some of my summer clothes for a sunnier and brighter Fall these past few days.

Kimono and Bib Necklace : Ebay.ca | White Top : Joe Fresh | Skinny Trousers : Forever21 | Heels : George | Bag : Smart Set