Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hi guys! So have you heard about this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Basically, the ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or also known as Lou Gerhig's Disease which is associated with nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord ) Association had this Ice Bucket Challenge for everyone who would like to join the Fight against the said disease, which is very phenomenal right now. Most of the known celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, Chris Hemsworth, Britney Spears and even Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) and Rob Ford (Current Mayor of The City of Toronto) did this challenge and many more. This challenge is to help raise the awareness to everyone about the disease. Once you are challenged or nominated, you have to do the Bucket full of ice to pour into your body within the 24 hours after being nominated. Once you didn't get the chance to do this, you will then give a $100 to the Foundation. But most of us, as to willingly help the charity still donate after doing the challenge. 
I was nominated by my cousin and hesitantly do it at first because of the shivering moments that I can imagine, oh no! But, thinking twice, I did it for the Foundation and to the people that we all wanted to help who were affected by the disease. And I really enjoyed this! 
I am sharing you guys the video from my youtube channel. What do you think about this challenge dolls?

Let's do this ALS #IceBucketChallenge !!!

If you want to donate and help raise the awareness, just go to this link : Donate | ALS Canada

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stripes On Pink

How have you been up to dolls? Well as for me my weekend gone good so far. Went here and there and finally met up with the owner of Kann's Boutique in Toronto (which I will be posting separately, and I am so excited to tell you guys about it and its services).
This outfit will just be a quick one, because of its casual simplicity for running errands and hanging out with friends. I love how this striped blazer really comes along with my pink tee. Actually, it really comes along with any other tops you chose to wear with it. Nowadays, I am so into t-shirts which gave me such comfort and laid back ensemble. The distressed pair of jeans is so relaxing to wear when you are really quite busy and taking buses and subways all day long. Less worries and a nonchalant looking outfit. I love how my Juicy Couture bag matched the total look. The size of the bag is what I love most. I can put anything in it. May it for a camera, makeup kit, journal, purse, etcetera. Wore my silver oxfords which is really great for long walks. 
Pink is every girl's favorite color. And at my age, usually we try to cool down for a more monochrome tones. But pink is an exception. I feel young and it really gives us a more chic looking. I know you ladies will all agree with me.

So, tell me all about your weekend and the start of the week so far dolls?! Hope we all have a great time!
Enjoy reading!
Stripes Blazer+Primark | Pink TeeRoxy | Distressed Jeans : Kamiseta Ph | Bag+Juicy Couture 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

NYC Individual Eye Palette

A smokey Saturday Dolls! It's been so long since I blogged about the trial make ups. I know I am not a professional make- up artist but this NYC Cosmetic is just amazing  as any others. A very easy way to put on your eyes with such amazing colors. I love using this because it comes with a palette and instructions on which part of the eye you put the proper colors on. A bonus on this palette is an amazing primer which really suits my skin color. And a highlighter that you can add up specially when it's night time. One way or another, I have been using this all the time may it be casual or formal or just an everyday look. 
Hopefully you like this look dolls! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boho Chic | Black Bohemian Dress and Gladiators

Back from 1960's Bohemian style dresses have various ways in fashion trend. They just keep coming back as to any other fashion styles. Hence, I can say that this vogue is not going out of the limelight ever since. The urbanity has just been there and became the fashion focus for many. This dress that I wore has this detail that i love the most, which was placed in the middle. Its simplicity and elegance as a whole made this dress a must wear specially this Summer. The plain look is just what I love so I can put more heavier accessories to commend with the look. The black color made me look skinier than my natural body built.
Luckily, I still have in my closet this amazing pair of gladiator sandals which really matches the dress. It just gives a more bohemian yet hippie facade. 
Would you even believe that I got this nice hat for only $3? Yes, it was! I never get out of glance and took them at Dollarama. They look so perfect with the dress. 
Mixing and matching outfits will always be the number one rule when it comes to styling. You are always using the best of your imagination and creativity when it comes to dressing up. But of course, it always depends on the things that you love the most. The happiness always comes from within, and that is the important thing. 
This for now my dolls. Hope you enjoy reading!

Bohemian Dress+H&M  | Gladiator Sandals+Dunnes Stores  | Hat+Dollarama | Dangling Earrings+EXPRESS  


Monday, August 11, 2014

Baggy Boy Crop Jeans + Button Down Top

There's more to life when wearing Boy Crop Jeans than any others. It gives you more comfort and more styling edges. I was lucky for finding this pair at +American Eagle Outfitters on sale corners for an additional 60% off (so hurry up and grab yours now before it's too late). So much for a baggy styled pair of jeans, I also love how it was distressed. I have this DIY project for Distressed Jeans, but most of them are skinny and straight cuts ( see here ). Obviously, I was totally enamored with this Boy Crop Jeans. Match this with a button down longsleeves that I received during my birthday from a good friend. I was jibing with the minty- turquoise color design that was attached with the top. It just compliments the monochrome look of the button down top. Tuck it in a little at the front to compliment with the brown belt I wore. Giving this outfit a simple yet classy looking style with the accessories, I think that this dangling pair of earrings and a gold colored watch will really give a genteel outcome for the look. Since I haven't worn my Ankle Boots for a long time. This made me realize that this will give a smart beauteous for the outfit. Plus my wavy locks this time of the year make it seemed that I just got the best style for casual summer.
And then again this get-up is a very simple, classic look but definitely will add up to one of my favorites this month!
Have a lovely day dolls!
Button Down Top : Given by a friend | Boy Crop Jeans+American Eagle Outfitters | Ankle BootsDunnes UK | AccesorriesExpress